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Motion Industries and Ansell address hand protection in latest video

February 11, 2013

BIRMINGHAM, AL — Motion Industries has released its first safety solutions video to their "MiHow2" channel, the product/application solutions series, according to a press release.

MiHow2The instructive video series' goal is to share practical industrial applications that viewers can adapt in their own facilities, the release stated.

According to the release, Motion collaborated with guest and key supplier Ansell — a designer and manufacturer of protection products — to create this video titled, "The Importance of Using Cut Protection Gloves," which can now be seen online.

"Having the right safety gear is essential, considering the potential hazards of the work site," said Randy Breaux, Motion Industries' senior vice president of marketing, product management and strategic planning.

"Workers and employers alike should know how to identify and use the right level of glove protection. I think that in this video, Ansell's safety professionals effectively drive home the point that different applications and industries require specific gloves for adequate protection against injury or contamination," Breaux added.

Each MiHow2 video was filmed in a workshop setting, and features the Motion Industries host with a guest from one of the market-leading industrial manufacturers — demonstrating a product or application, the release noted.

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