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February 2013 Issue Teaser
Sick As A Dog

The CM/Spotlight: Infection Control Is Live

February 8, 2013

Sick as a dogThe February edition of Cleaning & Maintenance Management magazine, our annual CM/Spotlight: Infection Control, is now available for you to click through and enjoy.

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This month’s cover story from Managing Editor Aaron Baunee tackles the topic of norovius and what you can do to keep the gastrointestinal bug out of your facilities.Sick as a dog

In “Combating A Norovirus Outbreak,” Baunee speaks of regimented cleaning and disinfection as a solution to an outbreak and offers insights from some of the leading authorities on infection control and prevention in public facilities.

But, that’s just one story; there’s a whole lot more, including a handwashing chart we’ve made available as a free download that you can post in your restrooms or custodial closets and share with building occupants.

Take some time to experience all of the editorial content we have compiled for you this month to help you perform your many jobs more productively, more economically and more safely — all while minding the importance of sustainable operation and healthy environments.