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What everyone should know about mats

February 6, 2013

FREMONT, OH — Crown Mats and Matting would like to share its "Ten Terms Everyone Should Know about Mats," according to a press release.

These terms refer to different types of mats used in commercial facilities and are often misunderstood by both cleaning professionals and facility managers, the release stated.matting

"A good example of this is the term high-performance mat. While it sounds like it refers to how well a mat performs, it actually refers to how long it lasts. A high-performance mat is designed to withstand very heavy foot traffic and last between three to five years," said Business Development Head JoAnne Boston.

According to Boston, the other mat-related terms that often need clarification are:

  1. Wiper: Wiper mats are placed inside the doors of a facility to absorb any remaining moisture and soil on a walker’s shoes.
  2. Scraper: Scraper mats are placed outside a facility and are intended to aggressively scrape soil and debris from shoe bottoms.
  3. Wiper/Scraper: Wiper/scraper mats wipe and dry shoe bottoms and are placed following a scraper mat but before a wiper mat.
  4. Ergonomic: Ergonomic mats offer a combination of softness (give) and support (resilience) to help reduce worker fatigue.
  5. Anti-Fatigue: Anti-fatigue mats offer even greater comfort, bounce, and support to help increase worker productivity and decrease pain, injuries, and soreness.

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"You'd be surprised how many people still think of mats as just being door mats. The entire matting industry has come a long, long way from just making door mats," Boston added.

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