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Saluting the behind-the-scenes Super Bowl champions

January 31, 2013


MARLTON, NJ — As the Super Bowl approaches, most of us will gear up for it by planning parties, stocking up on our favorite beverages and gathering snacks as we get ready to root for our favorite team or conference — maybe even for our favorite commercial.

But, few people stop to consider the effort involved in readying a venue as large as the Superdome for an event of this magnitude; fewer consider the extent of the cleanup after the event.

eMaint, a provider of web-based computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) solutions for maintenance professionals, put together an infographic in recognition, not only of the athletic achievements you will witness on Super Bowl Sunday, but also recognizing the contribution of those charged with cleaning and maintaining the Superdome facility and supporting structures.

Did you realize that the Superdome contains 26,000 light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, 110 restrooms, 32 escalators, 13 elevators and 7 garages, which house over 7,000 vehicles?

Please join eMaint in saluting the behind-the-scenes champions of the Super Bowl, the maintenance and custodial staffs of the Superdome for their efforts, allowing the rest of us to sit back and enjoy the game.


To view the infographic in a larger format or to download it in a PDF format, click here or directly on the infographic.