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Staffs told they cannot donate sick days to coworker

January 31, 2013

JOHNSTOWN, OH — Over time, as Mike Rivercomb's cancer continued to spread, it became clear that the beloved custodian would not return to his post in a matter of days or weeks, or ever, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

sick dayWhen word spread that Mike Revercomb, a 16-year employee with the Johnstown-Monroe School District, would run out of sick days in early March, teachers and other staff members told his wife that they wanted to give him their own time off, the article stated.

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According to the article, on Tuesday, Jeanne Revercomb, Mike’s wife, was told "No" by the school board.

"We want to make everything possible to help all of our employees at their time of need, but we’ve been advised that this is the law," said Superintendent Damien Bawn.

Bawn cited the Ohio School Law Guide, which indicates that the school board is not allowed to institute a sick-leave donation policy, the article noted.

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Editor's note: What do you think about this? Is the law the end all be all, or is there room for compassion towards a dying custodian who dedicated 16 years to a school district?

If you've ever experienced a similar situation, how was it handled? How would you react in this specific instance?

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