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Sealed Air unveils solutions for food security related issues

January 29, 2013

ELMWOOD PARK, NJ — At this year's inaugural Sirha World Cuisine Summit held in Lyon, France, Jermoe Peribere, president and chief operating officer (COO) of Sealed Air Corporation, held a presentation on key issues impacting food supply chains and solutions for making them safer, more nutritious, more efficient and less wasteful, according to a press release.
world cuisine summit
"At every step in the food supply chain — from farm to fork — there is the risk for contamination, damage and waste. We must urgently address three pressing issues facing our food supply chain in order to alleviate these risks," said Peribere.

According to the release, Peribere’s speech highlighted the following issues:

  • Food access
  • Food safety
  • Food waste.

To address these problems, Sealed Air utilizes its SmartLife approach, which focuses on helping people live healthier and eat better, the release stated.

According to the release, rather than relying on a single product or service, the approach aims to consider a broader solution to achieve sustainability in all levels of the food chain.

At the manufacturing and food processing level, Sealed Air packaging, cleaning and hygiene products reduce contamination, preserve nutritional value and reduce waste, while at the retail level, Sealed Air solutions improve cleanliness, extend shelf lives and help foster menu expansion, the release noted.

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