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Cleaning jobs linked with asthma risk

January 23, 2013

LONDON — A new study from the Imperial College London is reporting on the existence of strong evidence for a link between cleaning jobs and risk of developing asthma, according to the Examiner.

asthmaIn this study, 18 occupations were found to be clearly linked with asthma risk, four of which were cleaning jobs and three of which were likely to involve exposure to cleaning products, the article stated.

"This research has highlighted a new group of people, specifically those working in occupations related to cleaning, such as cleaners or home-based personal care workers, who may have developed adult onset asthma due to exposure to chemicals they work with on a daily basis," said Malayka Rahman, research analysis and communications officer at Asthma UK.

"We advise anyone who works in the industries highlighted in this study and who have experienced breathing problems to discuss this with their general practitioner (GP), and we urge healthcare professionals to make sure they consider possible occupational causes in adult onset asthma and tailor their advice to people with asthma accordingly," Rahman added.

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