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Getting beyond the gatekeeper

January 17, 2013

CHICAGO — In many parts of the country, springtime is when building managers take bids for a variety of services, from renting copiers to hiring a cleaning crew, making this a perfect time for building service contractors (BSCs) to brush up on your marketing skills, according to a press release.

And, while it is true that there are now scores of new ways BSCs can market their services, one that still gets proven results is the oldest of them all: Cold calling, thecold calling release stated.

In order for cold calling to be successful, however, you have to reach the decision maker, and that means dealing with the office gatekeeper, the release noted.

According to the release, this month's Business of the Business from Tornado Industries offers BSCs the following dos and don’ts on how to work with gatekeepers to gain access to that all-important decision maker:

  • Remember the gatekeeper's job can be tough; treat each one with respect and compassion and it will pay dividends.
  • Take a moment to establish some rapport; however, don't make it a "snow job" or sound insincere.
  • Recognize gatekeepers as your information source. The gatekeeper, if she or he likes you, can provide all kinds of information on who...

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"And don’t forget, cold calling is more than just walking in a door or making a phone call. You can send letters, faxes, or connect on social media. There are scores of ways BSCs can use cold calling to open doors," said Jolynn Kennedy, marketing manager for Tornado Industries.

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