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Custodian dies and is then revived by teacher

January 15, 2013

CRYSTAL LAKE, IL — The inability for physical education (PE) teacher Corky Card to remember his keys saved the life of a Prairie Ridge High School custodian, according to the Daily Herald.

Corky CardOn Friday, when his keys were once again missing, Card and his wife had to backtrack to the school where they noticed janitor Daniel Pauling looking not quite right, the article stated.

According to the article, Pauling, 59, was sweating profusely and, within minutes, collapsed into Card's arms; both his breathing and his heart had stopped.

While Card's wife called the paramedics, Card hooked Pauling up to the portable defibrillator, provided by a high school senior also on the scene, which revived Pauling, the article noted.

"He died. What Corky and our young senior student did — they really did save his life," said Patti Hie, Prairie Ridge athletic director.

"It was amazing — the whole process of how everything lined up. The ambulance driver told me 'the chain works when the links are all connected.' You miss a link or they don't connect — and it probably wouldn't have ended so well. Everybody did their small part, and it worked out well for everybody," Card added.

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