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AFFLINK notes emerging distributor and supply chain trends

January 14, 2013

TUSCALOOSA, AL — AFFLINK has released its JanSan distributor predictions for 2013, according to a press release.

afflink logoThe predictions focus on emerging trends that the company believes will impact professionals in both the cleaning and building industries, the release stated.

"Many of the trends will benefit JanSan distributors and their customers. It may require some distributors to make changes, especially in their sales processes, but these changes are likely to enhance distributor-client relationships, provide cost savings to end customers and build customer loyalty," said Michael Wilson, marketing director for AFFLINK.

According to the release, among the trends Wilson sees evolving include the following:

  • While there are many variables that could impact the economy, for the most part, things seem to be trending in a more positive direction "and we expect that to continue in 2013."
  • Technology will play a larger role in the entire sales process. "There are simply too many products and too many things distributors must know today to effectively serve their clients without it."
  • Distributors will become "solution providers," using technology along with such sales processes as consultative selling to better pinpoint their clients' cleaning and building-related needs.

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