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Tornado introduces new Facebook feature

January 8, 2013

CHICAGO — Tornado Industries has announced the beginning of a new, ongoing feature on its Facebook site, according to a press release.

The new feature will be called Tips on Making Cleaning Healthier, Faster and Safer, the release stated.

The feature, which started in January, will continue on a regular basis with postings added each week, the release noted.

tornadoAccording to the release, the "safer" aspect of the feature will be of special importance and emphasize such factors as:

  • Using cleaning tools and equipment properly to help prevent injury
  • Avoiding potential cleaning hazards
  • The importance of using ergonomically-designed cleaning equipment
  • Steps to help prevent slip-and-fall incidents.

The cleaning "healthier" part of the feature will include a number of guidelines on how cleaning workers can use their cleaning equipment to clean in a more environmentally friendly manner, the release noted.

"It is not only cleaning chemicals, but cleaning equipment as well that is now designed to help reduce cleaning’s impact on the user, building occupants and the environment," said Jolynn Kennedy, director of marketing for Tornado Industries.

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