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Longtime volunteer keeps cleaning up

January 8, 2013

jack bonturiCOLUMBIA, SC — A grandfatherly man, slowed only slightly by aching, 92-year-old knees, plops down a long-handled dust pan and uses a small rake to push a pile of marsupial poop into it, then he moves on to the next pile and does the same thing, according to The State.

For 30 years, Jack Bonturi has been volunteering to do what appears to be thankless labor at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, the article stated.

According to the article, at first, the zoo asked volunteers only to observe animals and let the keepers know what they saw, but Bonturi became one of the first volunteers allowed to do manual labor; years later, he has scooped poop and washed out structures in nearly every corner of the zoo.

The zoo has given him several awards, including volunteer of the year, and he wears a "Star Volunteer" pin on his cap, the article noted.

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