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From military man to janitor

January 7, 2013

RUSSIA — For six years, Sergei Nifashev has been sweeping yards in Blagoveshchensk, claiming he is entirely satisfied with his social and professional status, according to Russia Beyond the Headlines.

russian janitorNifashev, 57 and a graduate from military school, says he sees more pros than cons in his chosen profession.

"I'm free! There's no one above me. The bosses sit all day in their office and try to keep their distance — I haven't seen any of them for months. They go by the calls they receive from senior citizens and the residential community. If the grannies are happy, then all is well. Grannies have very high standards," said Nifashev.

According to the article, Nifashev loves nothing more than to dispel the stereotype that yard cleaners are unskilled with no qualifications; his team consists of 11 janitors, seven of whom have a university degree.

As a young man, Nifashev would never have imagined this life, having graduated with honors from Leningrad Higher Political School; but, after a head injury from a car accident ended his military career, he had to find another path to follow, the article noted.

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