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Archem - Instafoam

Hand Sanitizer

Armchem Inc.

January 4, 2013

Archem Instafoam hand sanitizerArmchem introduces Armchem Instantfoam Deluxe hand sanitizer. This new medical-grade dispensing system, which is perfect for high-traffic areas, is highly effective in killing 99.999 percent of most common germs, but won’t dry out hands. While most sanitizers contain only 63 percent alcohol, this perfume-free and dye-free product offers 70 percent alcohol content, making it more effective. Although the alcohol content is higher, Armchem Instafoam Deluxe actually leaves hands softer due to a combination of proprietary emollients and lotions. Because the product is foam and one application delivers nearly twice the amount as gel products of the same size, it saves on costs.

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