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Savings from contracting significantly less

January 4, 2013

TORONTO — The savings that taxpayers will see from outsourcing cleaning at police facilities will be about a third less than originally reported, according to The Toronto Star.

toronto cleanersBudget papers are indicating that the annual savings will be around $800,000, a far cry from the $2.5 million that was touted at the time of the move to outsourced labor, the article stated.

According to the article, the city council only went for the option to outsource after last year’s election of Mayor Rob Ford, and Ford's brother, Councillor Doug Ford vowed to "outsource anything that wasn't nailed down."

"The savings on the police contract fall wildly short of the $2.5 million that was predicted," said Councillor Pam McConnell, who opposed extending the contract.

Despite objections that the city was replacing well-paying jobs with "poverty wage jobs," the council awarded a one-year contract to clean 25 police facilities last year that was later extended until February 2015, the article noted.

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