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Flu hospitalizations increase

January 2, 2013

BROOKLYN, OH — The seasonal flu has been hitting residents of Ohio hard and early, with over 800 people already hospitalized from the bug, according to WEWS-TV.

flu vaccine sheetThe large number of hospitalizations in the early stages of the season is compared to the 65 people who had been hospitalized in the same time period last year, the article stated.

"We're definitely seeing more patient volumes and sicker patients than we normally see," said Dr. Neil Smith, a physician at Ridge Park Urgent Care in Brooklyn.

"Our normal volume here would be anywhere between — on a daily basis — about 40 patients. We're seeing 75-80 patients a day now," Smith added.

According to the article, doctors have been seeing patients that have been sick for two to three weeks, which is unusual.

Dr. Smith has urged citizens to get the flu shot, explaining that it’s not too late to benefit from the vaccine, the article noted.

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