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Broadway labor crisis averted

December 20, 2012

NEW YORK — A tentative agreement between the union representing hundreds of Broadway cleaners, porters, elevator operators, restroom attendants and theater producers has been reached, according to the Washington Post.

theater laborThe potential deal still has to be ratified by the 250 theater workers, all members of 32BJ, a process which should be completed next week, the article stated.

"His is a fair agreement that addresses the concerns of our members, the men and women who work hard every day to keep theaters safe, clean and running for the millions of theatergoers who come to Broadway from around the world," said Shirley Aldebol, vice president of 32BJ.

According to the release, union members authorized a strike last week if a new and acceptable deal was not reached by the end of the year.

Any work stoppage would have affected 32 of Broadway's 40 theaters, the article noted.

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