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Are You All About Encapsulation?

To encapsulate or not — that is the question in our newest CMM Online Poll.

December 18, 2012

Do you incorporate encapsulation into your carpet care routine?

That's what we want to know in our latest Poll.

It is a question that every facilities manager, custodial technician, janitorial supervisor, cleaning specialist and their mother — actually, his or her mother will not likely be an authority on this, but it would be dandy if everyone understood cleaning — should know and be able to justify on some educated level: Is encapsulation integrated into your regimen of caring for carpets?Question Mark Character Blue

Encapsulation — often referred to as interim cleaning — is employed by many to keep their carpets looking cleaner and smelling fresher in between daily vacuuming and periodic deep cleaning.

But, some operations are unaware of the practice; others find the process time-consuming, strenuous on budgets, impractical for workloading, unnecessary, etc. — perhaps a combination of explanations.

With the increase in outsourcing, some in-house staffs are no longer tasked with cleaning and maintaining carpets — if they ever were to begin with — but should still have some insight as to what is being done by a contracted cleaner or an autonomous department because each cleaning task is interconnected and affects the holistic cleanliness and health of a building.

So, do you incorporate encapsulation into your carpet care routine?

If you’d care to provide some reasoning for your response, click on the text of your chosen answer and send us a note after hitting submit.