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Kaivac release 12.17

Facebook Tips on How to Spray, Squeegee, Vac and Blow

HAMILTON, OH — Kaivac, developers of the No-Touch Cleaning® and the OmniFlex™ Crossover cleaning systems, announces the beginning of a new program advising users on how to improve worker productivity as well as effectively and safely use no-touch cleaning systems, also known as spray-and-vac and spray-and-squeegee cleaning systems.

The tips will be posted on a weekly basis on the company’s Facebook site, which now numbers 300 active “fans.”

According to Matt Morrison, the idea for a tips “forum,” as he calls it, evolved as a result of a recent webinar the company was involved in regarding restroom cleaning.

“While the Webinar focused on restroom cleaning in general, the use of spray-and-vac cleaning methods when performing restroom cleaning were discussed,” he says.

“And after the webinar, we received a number of questions from [webinar] participants, asking more about how to use the equipment, how it enhances worker productivity, and how to get the most out of their spray-and-vac cleaning systems.”

While Kaivac is the developer of no-touch cleaning, Morrison says several manufacturers now make equipment that falls in the “spray-and-vac” equipment category even if they do not all offer identical functionality.

“Because of this, and because we believe so strongly in this cleaning method, our goal will be to provide tips on no-touch cleaning in general, no matter what type of system from whatever manufacturer is used.”

Morrison adds that Facebook visitors using no-touch cleaning equipment are invited to also post their own tips using the system to the Kaivac Facebook site.

“We decided early in the game that we wanted our Facebook site to be a lot more than pretty pictures. We want our visitors, especially cleaning professionals, to learn something…something they can use to make their job easier and more effective.”

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