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Custodian arrested for electronics theft

December 14, 2012

TROUTDALE, OR — Troutdale police have arrested a Reynolds High School custodian who is accused of committing almost daily thefts, amounting to at least $40,000 in stolen electronics, according to The Oregonian.

jesse lee snyderPolice arrested Jesse Lee Snyder on drug possession charges, as well as 11 counts of second-degree burglary and two counts of first-degree theft, which are all felonies, the article stated.

"Internal theft happens — very rarely by teachers — however, from cleaning services, it does happen," said Seargent Steve Beavens.

"But, not to this extent. This happened daily for him. Every day, he was stealing something and had no fear of getting caught," Beavens added.

According to the article, Snyder admitted to taking upward of $40,000 worth of electronics from the school, reportedly selling about 15 items worth $10,000 to pawn shops, as well as an unknown amount on Craigslist.

When teachers returned to school in August, they "found a significant number of items gone," and chalked it up to simple theft; however, as the school year progressed, electronics continued to go missing, the article noted.

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