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Window washers flex their superhero muscle

December 13, 2012

MARSHFIELD, WI — On Monday, Spider-Man, Batman and Captain American swooped out of the sky to surprise Ministry St. Joseph's Children's Hospital patients, according to ABC News.

superheroesTheir appearance was not a "comic come to life," but a collaboration between the hospital and Brite-Way window cleaning service to brighten the day of Ministry's young patients, the article stated.

"We got the idea from a hospital in Pittsburgh. Brite-Way has been doing our windows for years and we reached out to them, and they were happy to do it," said Secretary of Environmental Services Julie Schafer.

According to the article, Tim Taggart, who is a supervisor at Brite-Way/Jack's Maintenance, spent the day dressed as Spider-Man and really got to play the part.

"We did some flips down the building and a lot of turns and stuff. You can do just about anything while attached to the rigging. The kids really seemed to like it and that made it all worth it," said Taggart.

The superheroes made an appearance inside the hospital as well, in order to accommodate the patients who were not able to see the spectacle as it unfolded, the article noted.

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