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Janitor doesn't just wax floors, he waxes poetic

December 10, 2012

PALOS PARK, IL — While Sylvester Anderson is sweeping classroom floors, replacing light bulbs and maintaining the boiler, he’s also thinking in verse, according to the Southtown Star.

sylvester andersonAnderson, the night custodian at Palos West School, has been a poet since he crafted a tribute to his mother in the third grade, the article stated.

According to the article, it read, "Dear Josie, I love you because you help me, when I get sores and pains, or when I get soaked in the rain," and it was so well received by his family that it launched a lifelong hobby.

For years, teachers and staffs at Palos West told him he should publish the collection of poems written on scraps of paper in the trunk of his car and, in October, he finally did, the article noted.

His first book, titled "Life Through Celestial Lenses," is a compilation of some of his favorite works; the paperback is available on demand through for $4, the article added.

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