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Janitor swept off her feet

December 7, 2012

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The students and staffs of Bishop Michael Eldon School took time from their busy schedules to honor Pauline Kemp, according to The Freeport News.

bmes logoKemp, who is the school's cook and custodian, is retiring after 32 years on the job, the article stated.

According to the article, a "Fond Farewell" themed assembly was held for Kemp, which included singing presentations and a skit about the irresponsibility of littering.

"She did her service well. She was a very down-to-Earth island woman. She'd encourage those who would take encouragement and now she is moving on to the next level in her life," said Adrian Bethel, Pastor of Bethel Ministries and former head boy and senior master who has experienced Kemp's dedication first-hand.

Bethel also explained that it must be understood that the field Kemp works in is not "glamorized" and that, on many occasions, the children at the school showed their insensitivity, but she always pushed through it, the article noted.

"She was humble. I know being a janitress is never easy, children can be very brutal and cruel, but Ms. Kemp weathered it all. It is not a glamorous field I know, but I feel that somebody who does their work well and has been as committed as Ms. Kemp is somebody you want to commend," Bethel added.

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