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Custodial duties could be outsourced

December 7, 2012

GAITHERSBURG, MD — Frederick County Public School officials may outsource some duties currently performed by custodial staffs in an effort to cut costs on grounds maintenance, according to The Gazette.

fcps logoA recent study, which explored ways to make the school system's grounds maintenance more efficient, indicated that the district could cut annual costs almost 30 percent by using outside contractors for tasks like mowing and landscaping, the article stated.

According to the article, in order to test the projection, the board authorized a pilot study, which will allow the district to look at the outsourcing option on a small scale and determine if it would, in fact, be cheaper.

"We won’t know how much we’ll save until we put out a bid. We have to go through the pilot and test it," said Ray Barnes, the facilities director for the district.

"This isn't about outsourcing to eliminate a department or to wipe out workers who are currently here; this is about trying to find a more efficient way to do things and use the people we have in the most optimal manner," said Superintendent Theresa Alban.

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