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A Funny Thing Happened In The Office

December 5, 2012

A funny thing happened in the office yesterday: A package arrived.

Now while this might seem trivial and commonplace for an office (and it somewhat is) what the package contained sent the office into a frenzy.

Nestled inside brown cardboard were our very own Healthy Workplace Project kits from image2

And the office went crazy like it contained coach bags (we women outnumber men here).

A coworker asked, "What office goes crazy for cleaning supplies?!"

And she was right.

It made me think: What other things does working in or around the cleaning industry do to people?

I will admit to being a sort of addict when it comes to supplies, especially of the office variety; my favorite part of going back to school each year was walking into my local Staples and going from aisle to aisle, packing my basket or cart full of things I knew, or at least thought, I would need for the coming academic year.

Notebooks (college ruled, of course); pocket folders (without the fasteners in the middle), only a specific brand of pen would do; highlighters; post-it notes (definitely not needed, but the new colors were always tempting); and anything else that happened to catch my eye that might come in handy.

But cleaning supplies? That was not something I thought I would get stoked for.

Before I became an editor for CMM things like IAQ, VCT, VOC, BSC, MRSA, C. diff, OSHA, EPA, among other acronyms, were just random letters thrown together.

Now, however, they all have meaning, and I see advertisers and contributors in every public restroom.

I choose (or don't) a hotel based on the housekeeping rating on reviews. Literally.

When booking a recent trip to Disney I read one review of a hotel that did not speak favorably of the housekeeping staff and immediately click off the page.

A little over two years ago, it might have given me pause. After all, no one wants to stay in a hotel that isn’t well kept, even if you’re only there for roughly seven, if that, hours a day to sleep.

But now I know things, tricks of the trade, if you will, and what having a sub-par staff might mean is not something I want to even think about.

I did not know what a large, far-reaching industry this was. In fact, I did not know there truly WAS an industry before being hired by CMM; it was simply not something that I ever gave any thought to.

Now, however, I get overly excited for a desk caddy of cleaning products.

It made me wonder what preconceived notions our readers had about the industry that they now work in; what new or upcoming innovations they are excited about.

Some people get excited about supplies; others might count down the days for the newest backpack vacuum.

None of us, generally speaking, instinctively knew what the cleaning industry would hold when we got in it in its various forms, and our preconceived notions have likely changed over the tenure spent learning the ins and outs.

I know mine have.