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Schools using ‘inappropriate’ cleaning products

December 4, 2012

ROSEBURG, OR — The recent outbreaks that shut down Fir Grove Elementary and the entire Oakland School District were identified by Douglas County Health Officials as norovirus related, according to KPIC-TV.

sick childCaroline Regan, a Douglas County Environmental Health Specialist, indicated that the results of testing so far indicate that the Oakland outbreak was found in students who ate in the cafeteria, which is shared by all three Oakland Schools, the article stated.

According to the article, officials are unable to pinpoint one specific food source, and the investigation to determine if the two outbreaks are related is ongoing.

On Monday, the health department sent out a release indicating that both schools were using "inappropriate" cleaning supplies that were not able to disinfect norovirus, the article noted.

The schools have since implemented new products that are bleach based and will kill the virus, the article added.

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