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RSA release 12.3

Brandon Burton recognized for education leadership

BURLINGTON, WA — RSA Technical Education Manager Brandon Burton received special recognition for his contributions to the restoration industry.
The award was presented at the conclusion of an IICRC Instructor Caucus and instructor meeting held at the Dri-Eaz facilities in Burlington, Wash., for RSA contract instructors and staff. Long time restoration instructor Rick Ruch introduced the surprise award by noting that Brandon’s skilled leadership, dedication and personal integrity “never ceases to amaze and inspire.” He said, “Every time I come to this training, I am blown away by the depth of knowledge and insight Brandon brings us. He never stops trying to get better.”

The plaque reads in part, “The RSA education group would like to thank you for your leadership, dedication, integrity, and amazing knowledge that you continue to provide us to ensure we are prepared to deliver the best possible education events in the cleaning and restoration industry. We believe that you are the best in our industry and thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your life.”

Other instructors presenting the award included David Oakes, Dick Driscoll, Gary Loiben, Kevin Fisher, Darren Hudema, Brendan Kimmel, Mitch Byrom, and Bob Lintzenich. As word of the award got out, many Dri-Eaz leaders and staff gathered in the classroom to add their voices and their applause to the recognition.

John Ormsby, President of Dri-Eaz and ProRestore, said, “The credibility and integrity that Brandon’s leadership brings to our company is truly immeasurable. He is dedicated to making sure the end customer is as successful as possible. This is the core motivation that drives Brandon, and I can go home every night feeling proud that this is the way we conduct our business.”

In accepting the accolades from the instructors, Burton said, “I’ll accept this only with the understanding that anything I may have accomplished is because of each of you. This group never loses its passion for improving our work.”

In characteristic humility, Burton said “I would make each of you a plaque like this, but bigger, and with more words than the one you have given me.”

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