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Tufts Labor Coalition joins fight for workers' rights

November 27, 2012

MEDFORD, MA — Tufts University's Jumbo Janitor Alliance (JJA) has sparked a substantial movement when it comes to campaigning for the rights of janitors on campus, according to The Tufts Daily.

TLCLast year, the group, along with with Service Employees International Union (SEIU), organized a march protesting the practices of Tufts' current janitorial services contractor, UGL Unicco, the article stated.

According to the article, this year, the JJA has reemerged as the Tufts Labor Coalition (TLC), a student group campaigning for better workers' rights, and the group is looking to capitalize on the support it gained last year as in order to increase activism on campus.

"The reason we got a lot of people is because half of those people were from Tufts Occupy Boston," said TLC Co-chair Libby Shrobe, a senior.

"I do think that the Occupy movement has died down, but I think that its remnants are definitely still around on campus. A few of the people who started coming to our meetings were part of Occupy last year, and I just feel like there are more active groups on campus that focus on similar issues," Shrobe added.

An issue of particular importance is the upcoming renewal of the janitors' contract with UGL Unicco, negotiations of which will begin in July, when most students are off campus, the article noted.

"It's very strategic of Unicco and the administration that the contract negotiations are during the summer, because the student body isn't there to be paying attention to it. It’s a huge asset to the union and the janitors that would be lost," said Shrobe.

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