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Custodian helping Haitian hurricane victims

November 27, 2012

ELKHART, IN —  In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which caused the deaths of more than 50 people in Haiti, an Elkhart custodian is raising money to help Haitian students in need, according to ABC57.

haiti destruction1Monique Harris, the head custodian at Riverview Elementary School, says she has gone to Haiti every year since the 2010 earthquake, and pays her way with the help of the community, students and faculty who work inside the school, the article stated.

According to the article, when Harris is not cleaning, she's trying to figure out how to help the nearly 300 students going to a school in Haiti that desperately needs assistance.

"We have free education but, in Haiti, they only have hope or faith that somebody will help them have an education. The only way they can have an education is if someone else provides it for them," said Harris.

Throughout the year, she and people at the school have been raising money for her trip, money for school supplies and food and new shoes for Haitian students, with some students donating their own Christmas gifts, the article noted.

"We at Riverview are so proud of Monique for the work she does for the children in Haiti because we feel like supporting children anywhere in the world is fantastic," said Riverview Principal Barb Cripe, who says the custodian is a rock star to all the students in the building.

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