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Janitor by day, performer by night

November 26, 2012

WINONA, MN — Custodian Mark Christensen's day begins before 5 a.m. and follows a similar pattern day in and day out; the same cannot be said for his nights, according to the Winona Daily News.

mark christensenFor more than 15 years, Christensen has been seen on the stages of countless bars and venues as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the Bus Boys, a local acoustic trio composed of three former school bus drivers, the article stated.

According to the article, the group was founded in the mid-90s and has continued to perform over the years despite individual challenges, such as new occupations, and developed a style of playing that appears effortless.

"We don't even practice. We just get together and sound great," said Christensen.

When Christensen is not playing with the Bus Boys, he is hard at work in his studio creating songs for an independent filmmaker and for a variety of occasions, the article noted.

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