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Students show support for custodian

November 20, 2012

ENDWELL, NY — This year, No-shave November holds a special meaning for the students at Maine-Endwell High School, according to WICZ-TV.

no shaveThe high school students are using this month’s unofficial "holiday" as a way to support their beloved custodian who was recently diagnosed with bone marrow and prostate cancer, the article stated.

According to the article, despite his diagnosis, custodian Marty Hinrichsen is still in high spirits and thankful for the support the school is showing him by holding pasta dinners and raffles to help offset medical expenses.

"Marty's always been there for all the kids in school. Anybody who needs advice or someone to talk to, he's always around and he's a good friend for all the students," said former M-E student Michael Lopiccolo.

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