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Alumni rally for former custodian

November 12, 2012

QUINBY, SC — For more than 40 years, the smile of Howard Beckett, Jr. lit up the hallways of The Byrnes School where he served as custodian, according to the Morning News.

howard beckett jrBut, after the private school closed this summer, Beckett found himself without a job and more than a little down on his luck, the article stated.

According to the article, more than a 1,000 alumni are rallying together to ensure that the longest standing Byrnes employee gets taken care of with the same level of kindness and dedication that he spent caring for them for decades.

Next Saturday, the alumni will host a homecoming "Heart for Howard" benefit to raise money to purchase a permanent home for the 62-year-old, the article noted.

So far, donations have turned up nearly $7,000 toward getting Beckett out of the motel he’s been living in for six years and into a home of his own, the article added.

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