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Money savings in the bag

November 9, 2012

HAMLIN, WV — A Lincoln County Schools custodian has delivered significant savings to the school by monitoring and adjusting trash bag usage, according to The Lincoln Journal.

Doug MillerAt the beginning of the school year, Doug Miller, a custodian at the Lincoln County Board of Education offices, began curbing trash bag use, the article stated.

According to the article, Birdie Gandy, board treasurer, reported to the board how a purchase order for nearly $20,000 worth of trash bags set Miller on a discovery mission.

"Doug got involved to see how many he was using," said Gandy.

Miller decided that he did not need to remove a bag every time the trash was emptied from a receptacle, rather the bag’s contents were emptied and the bag was reused, the article noted.

Miller has kept a record of the bags saved since the new school year began: During the final five working days of August, 257 bags were saved; during September, 819 bags were saved; during October, 1,227 bags were saved, making a total of 2,303 being saved during the first nine weeks of the current school year, the article added.

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