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Gear up for the Restroom Care Online Seminar

November 8, 2012

LATHAM, NY — The next and final installment of the 2012 Critical Issues Online Seminar Series, an absolutely free event regarding restroom care, is scheduled for 2 p.m. EDT on November 20.

But, before that can happen, we need to know what cleaning and maintenance concerns you and your colleagues have surrounding restroom care. Because it is a vast topic, and because we love to deliver actionable solutions, we need you to help us find an informative focus.Restroom Sign

Send us your restroom care queries

All you need to do is drop Managing Editor Aaron Baunee a quick message at with a question or two regarding anything that you would like us to address. Whether you have odor issues, soiled grout lines, restroom patrons who can’t seem to find the trashcan with refuse, problems with detail cleaning or literally anything else pertaining to restroom care, we are ready and willing to help you out.

We will then take your question(s) and the corresponding answer(s) from our restroom care experts and weave them into the presentation. This not only helps us better cater the content to your specific needs, but it also provides you with free consultation from some of the leading authorities in the industry.

Register for the Restroom Care Online Seminar

So, please take a moment to register for the last webinar for 2012 and then send us your question(s) so we can deliver the free solutions you need.