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Custodian for the ages

November 8, 2012

MARSHFIELD, MA — Former Daniel Webster School (DWS) senior custodian Jim Dehner actually misses rising early each day to perform his duties, according to The Marshfield Mariner.

After 34 years, Dehner recently retired, and former coworkers say his lack of presence in classrooms and halls has left an exceptional void, the article stated.

Jim Dehner 1"We really miss him. He always brought so much fun and joy to the building and everyone — children and staff loved being around him," said Giustina Scalia, one of the kitchen professionals at DWS.

According to the article, Dehner has had an impact on several generations of elementary students, where he served as senior custodian for the majority of his career.

"Even though I did a lot, it was really all for the kids. There was nothing I loved more than walking down the hallway and having a preschooler say, 'Hi there, Mr. Jim!' and give me a high five. It was a great feeling every time," said Dehner.

Dehner reminisces about the fun he had in the lunchroom with other staff members, lightening the mood for youngsters when the time was appropriate and keeping a watchful eye on the students and noticing if there was a child in need, the article noted.

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