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Wintertime safety tips for facilities

October 30, 2012

FREMONT, OH — Winter is fast approaching, and building and cleaning professionals must make sure their facilities are ready for gusting winds, snowstorms, cold temperatures and harsh winter weather, according to a press release.

crown mats and matting logoCleaning professionals in warmer climates must also be diligent, as an unexpected snowstorm or icy rain can impact these areas even worse than colder areas, the release stated.

According to the release, one big concern, of course, is preventing slip and fall accidents, which account for close to eight million hospital emergency room visits in the U.S. each year.

There are steps managers and cleaning professionals can take to help keep properties safer not only during the cold winter months, but also throughout the year, the release noted.

JoAnn Boston, of business development manager for Crown Mats and Matting, offers up some tips to keeping your facility safe this winter:

  • Winter Facility Safety Tip One: Take extra precautions to keep outdoor areas uncluttered and debris-free
  • Winter Facility Safety Tip Two: Have ice melt on hand and place it on sidewalks and surrounding walkways before a storm arrives
  • Winter Facility Safety Tip Three: Ensure building entries have proper lighting and leave outdoor lights on all day during adverse weather conditions
  • Winter Facility Safety Tip Four: Inspect gutters, downspouts and outdoor water sources for leakage; these areas can form ice patches during freezing weather
  • Winter Facility Safety Tip Five: Inspect and repair walkway cracks or "depressions" where ice may accumulate.

"Having a matting 'system' is especially important during the winter months," said Boston.

"Each part of the system plays a different role but, working together, they help keep shoe bottoms — and facilities — clean and dry," Boston added.

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