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Winner of the Great American Worker contest announced

October 29, 2012

ATLANTA — Georgia-Pacific Professional is excited to honor Rose Cceberio as the 2012 Brawny Industrial Great American Worker, according to a press release.

Along with the prestigious title, Cceberio, who is from the hardworking city of Pittsburgh, will receive a brand new 2012 Ford F-150 truck, the release stated.

rose"We learned about line workers, electricians, safety advocates, engineers, managers, foremen, teachers and medical caregivers from across the country who serve as examples both in their communities and in the workplace," said Bill Tracey, Georgia-Pacific Professional vice president for the wiper category.

"Among these talented workers, Rose stood out as an individual committed to making a difference in her job and within her community. Demonstrating the key qualities of a Great American Worker, Rose earned a spot as a finalist and, with the support of the public’s vote, we are pleased to recognize Rose with the 2012 title," Tracey added.

According to the release, as a registered nurse, Rose dedicates her life to bettering her industry and her community; she pursued the Great American Worker title as a testament to her profession and to demonstrate how the field requires safety, productivity and active community involvement at its foundation.

"I am humbled to stand among the group of finalists who each contribute to the American workforce. I plan to use this recognition to advocate for my community and to encourage others to implement safe and healthy lifestyle practices," said Cceberio.

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