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Possibility of custodial outsourcing looms large over district

October 26, 2012

HANOVER, PA — The Hanover Public School District is looking into the possibility of outsourcing the district's custodial services, according to The Evening Sun.

At a meeting on Monday, the board gave district administration the authorization to submit requests for proposals to begin investigation into the idea of outsourcing, the article stated.
According to the article, the board claims they find "no enjoyment" in the possibility of outsourcing staffs, despite a unanimous vote in favor of the authorization.

"I don't believe there's one board member here that enjoys this or wants this, but we do explore every avenue that we can to save money. We have to explore the options," said board President Lindy Lingg.

The decision might have been more difficult after head custodian Deb Hare’s personal account of the services and level of care that custodians provide the schools and their students, the article noted.

Hare questioned whether a cleaning service would offer the same kind of personalization to their work as the current custodians, such as working special events or letting students inside the school to pick up a forgotten backpack or book, the article added.

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