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Cleaning a cosmopolitan creation in Chicago

October 24, 2012

CHICAGO — The Bean, which is actually named the Cloud Gate, is a six-year-old sculpture created by London designer Anish Kapoor to be an inviting and interactive structure — one that would require regular maintenance, according to WBEZ-FM.
The Bean
The maintenance of the structure was already on the minds of Millennium Park's directors well before the Bean was even in town; many donors recommended the structure be enclosed with fences to keep the public at bay, the article stated.

According to the article, the idea was rejected by Kapoor himself, and the public got a landmark they can touch, leading to a nearly $50,000 yearly maintenance bill — paid through an unrestricted endowment — to clean off hand prints, foot prints and bird residue.

The Bean is wiped down two to three times a day with microfiber cloths and a solution of water and Proctor & Gabmle's Tide brand liquid laundry detergent, the article noted.

Twice a year, after Millennium Park has closed for the night, the Bean gets a more thorough cleaning courtesy of a power wash completed by Stuart Dean, providers of architectural restoration and maintenance services, the article added.The Bean 2

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