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Former custodian admits to fraud

October 19, 2012

SAN JOSE, CA — A former Woodside High School custodian has pleaded no contest to allegations that she collected disability pay for a faked workplace injury, according to the Daily News.

Adunni Martin, 29, alleged an ankle injury sustained while working until she was caught on camera running in heels, the article stated.

gavelAccording to the article, the injury was first reported in February 2009, playing up the injury by limping into doctors’ offices on crutches claiming she couldn't walk.

Prompted by skeptical doctors, investigators put Martin under video surveillance, catching her using the crutches to walk in and out of a doctor's office but walking without them a short time later, the article noted.

As a result of changing her pleat to no contest, Martin will avoid time in state prison and will only see one year in county jail, the article added.

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