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Man named cream of the window cleaner crop

October 15, 2012

NEW YORK — A Bronx-born window cleaner has the best view of the city, making the windows of some of the highest buildings sparkle, according to the New York Press.

Edward NievesEdward Nieves, 43, named Window Cleaner of the Year, was a sophomore high school dropout, forced to go to work to help support his mother and six siblings, the article stated.

Washing windows proves more profitable than a career in healthcare

According to the article, Nieves began his career by doing minor work around town before moving on to work at Palladium Window Solutions, a New York-based window cleaning company specializing in high-rise buildings.

Diversifying With Window Cleaning

Nieves has never had a typical schedule, sometimes working late into the night or starting before the sun rises, the article noted.

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