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Increasing gaming revenues by decreasing restroom times

October 10, 2012

DELRAY BEACH, FL — The designers of electronic toilet seat covers believe their product could do wonders for the gambling revenues of casinos, according to Card Player.

Brill seatOne of the goals of BRiLL Hygienic Products Inc., designers of a system that can replace a plastic seat cover with the wave of a hand, is to get female gamblers in and out of the restroom as quickly as possible, the article stated.

Toilet technology is the wave of the future

"It saves a woman 22 seconds. She doesn’t have to wrestle with the seat covers. She doesn't have to wrestle putting toilet paper around the seat. Some bathrooms have these automatic flushers, and sometimes they go off before the woman sits, and the paper goes down the toilet. She's got to start all over again," said the firm's President, Alan Brill.

"Casinos try to keep their bathrooms spotless, but with an influx of so many people coming into the casino at one time, it's hard. With our system, there is less paper on the floor, less littering. It's a great amenity. It shows everybody that the casino really cares. Every casino should have this product," Brill added.

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