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New blog post: How Clean Is Clean?

October 9, 2012

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so, too, is cleanliness.

Well, from a purely scientific sense, no; a surface is either free from unwanted matter — be it dirt, germs, bacteria, spores or whatever what have you — or it isn’t. But, from an aesthetic point of view, the definition of cleanliness can differ greatly from person to person.Dirty Light Switch

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One’s clean can be another’s unkempt. What is mechanically functional to someone can be classified as in disrepair to some else. It is all perspective-based.

Given the inherent cleanliness discrepancy, it is important to view cleaning outcomes from the perspectives of building occupants and not solely on what you and your workers think “clean” is.

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True cleanliness — either that which can be scientifically proven or the basics of how something looks — is all in the details.

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