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Custodians honored for three decades of steadfast employment

October 9, 2012

EL RENO, OK — Two longtime Canadian Valley Technology Center custodians were recently honored for hitting the 30-year milestone, according to the Oklahoman.

Back in 1982, when Ronald Reagan called 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue his home and gasoline was $3.09 per gallon cheaper than it is today, step-siblings Gerry Ward and Mark Self were hired with a firm handshake, the story stated.

Mark SelfGerry WardAccording to the story, Ward’s parents, George and Mary Ellison, both also held the title of custodian at Canadian Valley Technology Center at one time or another.

Although faces have come and gone, and society has certainly changed, the dedication that Ward and Self exude has been omnipresent, the story noted.

Canadian Valley Technology Center Superintendent Greg Winters said, “They're just really good, solid people. They're hardworking, and it shows. They are both very conscious of doing their job and doing it well. You would like to have all your employees dedicate their lives to an organization as they have. Can you imagine what a workplace like that would look like?"

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Ward says she looks forward to many more years at Canadian Valley Technology Center, admiring the sweet nature of the kids and adults alike, the story added.

Ward said, “The Lord has provided for me so well. I have a house and a great family made possible partly because I work here. It's a great place to work.”

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