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Washing windows proves more profitable than a career in healthcare

October 9, 2012

ALBANY, OR — A surge in salary from $13.50 an hour to roughly $79 an hour is something many can only dream Window Washing 2of, but that is exactly what happened to Koron Mays, according to the Albany Democrat-Herald.

Mays, a former medical assistant, went out on a limb in 2009 and started Koron’s Professional Window Cleaning and Power Washing, effectively quintupling his hourly earnings, the story stated.

According to the story, the work is much more physically taxing and the demand is sometimes spotty, but by diversifying and offering additional services like deck and driveway power washing and glass restoration, Mays’ business is flowing.

Servicing both commercial and residential accounts, Mays is Window Washingfilling a niche by stressing his emphasis on being green chemicals and his offering of environmentally friendly services, the story noted.

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Mays, who is all about great customer service, said, “I’m not trying to get the job done as quick as I can and move on. I want it to be done right. I want the call back. If the customer isn’t satisfied then they don’t pay.”

Koron’s Professional Window Cleaning and Power Washing operates every day except Sunday and is manned by May and his son, Cole, the story added.

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