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Players being good sports about handshake ban to limit virus transmission

October 8, 2012

LONDON — Following similar gestures by other teams, London’s Gunners football club — soccer to anyone in the U.S. — has banned the practice of players shaking hands in the clubhouse, according to Soccer Team

The decision was made after three of the club’s players were stricken ill with a bug that is assumed to be norovirus, the story stated.

Arsene Wenger, boss of the Gunners, said, “We have improved the level of hygiene in the dressing room. We clean everything. It is funny, but shaking hands is one of the biggest things to spread virus.”

HandshakeInstead of shaking hands, a rule Wenger recently enforced as a way to build camaraderie amongst players, the men now touch elbows until the bug no longer threatens the health of the team, the story noted.

According to the story, all Gunners players and staff have been urged to practice more proper and thorough hand hygiene by washing frequently and staying away from others at the first sign of illness.

Although the Gunners are forbade from shaking hands with one another, they will still perform the friendly handshaking ritual with members of others team they play, the story added.

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