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Scrap metal thieves targeting toilets are no amateur plumbers

October 5, 2012

WASHINGTON — If there is a potential for profit, thieves will steal just about anything, including components from toilets in public facilities, according to the Huffington Post.

ToiletIn the past several days, there have been numerous reports around the nation of thieves dismantling toilets from restaurants and stealing components, presumably for the monetary value of the scrap metal, the story stated.

Metal thieves find new source in toilets

According to the story, a manager at a Dairy Queen in Woodland, Washington, told a local news station that she thinks the criminals were not amateurs because “there was no water on the floor.”

Some components, including used automatic flushers, go for as much as $200 on Internet retail websites, the story noted.

Flushers targeted by thieves

As a sign of the growing national issue, officials in New Jersey are drafting a bill to curb the thefts by cracking down on the scrap metal black market, the story added.

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Have you been a victim of toilet thievery?