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October 16, 2012

ProTeam Tip of the Month

Improving What Is and Asking What Could Be?

Since ProTeam introduced the lightweight backpack vacuum in the '80s, professional cleaners have enjoyed new levels of mobility and flexibility in their vacuum routines. Restrictions of where an upright can be pushed or where a canister can be dragged are a thing of the past. Wherever your feet can take you, a backpack vacuum can go with you, cleaning to the highest standard.

But ProTeam's designers didn't stop there. The ergonomic gains of the backpack design prompted them to push the idea even further and ask, can backpack vacuums be more ergonomic, more comfortable, more flexible, and require even less energy to use? Just how far does comfort go in improving productivity?

With the new Super Coach Pro™, ProTeam has pushed comfort and productivity to new heights. The secret is the patented articulating harness. It allows for full range of motion and maximum comfort. A pivoting ball joint connects the harness to the vacuum, so the unit stays upright and centered as the user cleans high and low. Upper and lower backplates respond to the user's movements, creating less resistance against the body, and causing less strain.

The backpack's triangular shape keeps the center of gravity close to the body, making the Super Coach Pro more an extension of the user's torso. It also allows for better mobility, as it is less likely to bump into doorways or obstacles as it moves through the environment.

The Super Coach Pro is available in a 10-quart or 6-quart configuration. Both ergonomic and lightweight, the Super Coach Pro 6 is two inches shorter and suitable for users of smaller stature. This, in addition to three harness mount options, makes the Super Coach Pro comfortable for a wide range of body types.

Design that Makes a Difference

When choosing a vacuum, be sure to notice the design details. These features may seem insignificant to a facility manager, but they can add up to a huge benefit for the user. Cleaning professionals who have tested the Super Coach Pro on the job quickly recognized how it could benefit their daily routines.

In field tests, users felt that the unit is more "body friendly" and feels lighter and more comfortable. The Super Coach Pro is also noticeably quieter than its predecessor, the Super CoachVac, even though it has the same powerful motor and proven performance. The breathable mesh harness makes less contact with the body, allowing for airflow between the back and the unit, keeping the operator cool.

For school and office environments, angled exhaust vents won't disturb papers on desks as it passes. The die-cast aluminum tri-latch system assures air performance as Four Level® Filtration w/HEPA captures 99.97 percent of particulates 0.3 microns or larger including fine carbon dust from the motor. This helps to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The Super Coach Pro includes a three-year warranty on parts, labor and motor, and lifetime on molded body parts.

The Super Coach Pro will be available at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Chicago 2012 where ProTeam will reveal another innovation in the Next Generation of backpack technology. To learn more, visit