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Cintas preps Great American Ballpark for playoffs

October 3, 2012

CINCINNATI — Cintas Corporation has teamed up with the Cincinnati Reds to help prepare Great American Ball Park for the 2012 playoffs, according to a press release.

SignetCintas worked closely with the facility management team to identify their specific cleaning needs and implemented 32 of its Signet chemical cleaning stations throughout the stadium, ensuring that employees are within close proximity to chemical cleaning stations at all times, improving the productivity of employees and reducing strain, the release stated.

"Our programs are customized to provide the best services and products for our customers, including non-traditional establishments like Great American Ball Park," said Dave Mesko, senior director of marketing for Cintas.

"Our cleaning chemical program helps the Reds clean efficiently and safely to ensure the best experience for cleaning staffs and fans," Mesko added.

According to the release, on a weekly basis, a Cintas service professional visits the stadium to monitor the cleaning chemical units, and each individual unit is inspected to ensure proper performance and filled on an as needed basis.

The service eliminates the need for employees to manage ordering and provides a clear representation of the level of chemicals being used, the release noted.

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