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Head custodian keeps Harmony humming

October 3, 2012

MIDDLETOWN, NJ — Harmony School gives a round of applause to head custodian Dan Chaney and his hardworking crew on National Custodian Day, according to the Middletown Patch.

"Mr. Dan," as he is referred to by students, and his crew, consisting of William Harris, William Pankenier and Kathleen Macey, work extremely hard at keeping Harmony School up and running every day, the article stated.

Dan ChaneyAccording to the article, students at Harmony School honored Mr. Dan and his crew as they celebrated National Custodian’s Day on October 2.

In addition to many student-made cards, the Harmony Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) bought lunch for the entire custodial crew and the teaching staff offered a gift to each custodian, the article noted.

"Dan and the crew at Harmony are excellent at keeping our facility safe. They are the worker bees that help ensure we can open our doors every day and maintain a safe learning environment," said Principal Erik Paulson.

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How do you ensure your employees know they are appreciated? Do you hold appreciations days/weeks throughout the year?